Oh, That Beauty Queen!

mini gigi pincushion BQSitting on my cutting table, waiting for me to catch my breath and get creative is Jennifer Paganelli’s Beauty Queen. Jennifer sent me a bit of the navy colorway to play with. Just a bit of gorgeousness to inspire you to use this pretty collection. Let me tell you, this deep blue is just amazing.

Since I’m still helping put the kitchen into some sort of working order (why do these things always take twice as long as you plan, even when you plan on extra time?), I wanted to whip up a little something to get you started dreaming. The perfect project for this was the Mini Gigi Pincushion. You can’t go wrong with this one. Just pick a favorite print, or two or three, and whip one up.Beauty Queen


  1. This is the perfect splash of color to see on a dreary Monday morning! I have to tell you I am really excited to see your kitchen! 😉 Have a great day!

  2. The green and pink colors look so lovely on that blue. The pincushion is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marilynn says:

    Beautiful, makes me want to purchase some of this fabric! I can see that the top has folds, but did you also fussy cut as the design of the fabric really works for the circulate design of the pincushion?

    • MelissaP says:

      Yes, I did fussy cut the fabric. It adds a bit of extra interest to those gathers. (Both the inner and outer edges of the circle are gathered.)

  4. It makes such a difference to see fabrics being used in projects. It’s great to see the scale and you always show the fussy cutting possibilities. I’m busting to get my hands on these fabrics! I pre-ordered some so they should arrive any day now.

  5. Just gorgeous Melissa! This must have been a very welcome change from kitchen renovations! Those fabrics are scrumptious!

  6. That pincushion is just so cute!! When I first saw the three color stories of Beauty Queen, the Midnight Palette was the least attractive to me. The picture of your pincushion however makes the Melody print look much less dark and plain than it did on my screen before. Thank you so much for the pattern!!
    I think it is amazing how you have been able after days and days(and nights) of putting wallpaper on the ceiling, getting the floor done, putting up countertops, sinks and the rest AND combined with the hectic schedule of deadline productions for Market, to just sit down and produce the most adorable little pincushion in the world!! Kudos Melissa!!!

  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I could not imagine anyone complaining about a pincushion that cute. Your work always looks nice.

  8. As always your work is perfect. Love the fabric and the Mini Gigi Pincushion. Thanks for sharing, I also can’t wait to see your kitchen.